So… Where do I start…

I haven’t written anything for around a year… Maybe more I apologise. When I first started this extremely short-lived blog I thought it would continue for a little longer. Not lasting three blogs long and eventually giving up. I don’t really stick to things when I start them. I either a) procrastinate to d.e.a.t.h, or b) find something else to do that also has a very short shelf-life… When it comes to me, projects and longevity do not go hand in hand.

What’s happened in the space of a year then?

Well, I’m attending University. Supposedly one of the most monumental stages in a person’s life, and it is all experienced through pre-recorded lectures and zoom calls. Totally worth the £9K a year… As well as drowning in assignments and the consistent unknowingness of my future, I started a freelance Fiver account! Perhaps I had enough of people telling me English is not a valid or valuable degree to possess and want to earn money from my passion? Yeah, what about it?

Metaphor/desription ghostwriting

Poem ghostwriting

I have contributed a lot to my novel-in-the-works. Although I aimed for a 20,000 wordcount by December, my 19,000 words seemed sufficient. I have been working on this novel for around a year now an I came to the conclusion that I hate it. I’ll have to go through every single page out of the seventy pages crammed with words, and hope tweaks will satisfy my vision of the story. Probably won’t but we can only pray…

I have a car? Finally 18 and can kind of drive… Well, I’m on a provisional until March when I HOPEFULLY can take and pass my test. With lockdown 3.0 starting today in the U.K, it feels more and more unlikely it will go on. I almost flattened a cat in my little Toyota Aygo and keep stalling whenever I stop at a junction, so lets push March a little later…

Perhaps I may share the pieces that I contribute towards my creative writing classes?

I hope everyone has been staying safe during that hell-ish year and this new year. Let’s hope for a better 2021!!

– Jess


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