My Fiver Freelance!

Currnently, I am offering my writing services on the Freelance website Fiver!

For now, my writing services include:

Struggling to come up with a metaphor within your short story, monologue or piece of writing? Perhaps you need an intricare extended metaphor weaving in and out of your piece? So… You are a writer in need of some help… Perhaps your creative eye is yet to open and witness the wonders of the world. That intricate lense is yet to capture and showcase those little concealed aspects of everyday life. Perhaps you need a helping hand… Well I am here to heIp! I will help creative moving descriptions and emotive metaphors to bring your story to life!

I am willing to send FREE samples before any purchase!

Need a poem for a special someone, perhaps on their Valentine’s day? Want something memorable to write in your Mom’s birthday card instead of “Happy Birthday Mom”?

I am willing to send FREE samples before any purchase!

Need some spicy lines to enhance the quality of your writing? Perhaps you have hit writers block and don’t feel like your writing holds quality?

Included in the packages or line(s) of metaphors and or similies to smack into your work. I’m happy to provide one free personalised sample before any purchase!

  • I will write a short story based on your plot

Need a short story written? I will ghostwrite a short story based on your plot or idea!

I am happy to provide short FREE samples with my style of writing! Just get in touch with your plot/topic!